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SPONSORED BY Siemens November 1, 2010

On Demand Webinar: An Unbiased Comparison of the Siemens S7-1200 and AB (Allen-Bradley) MicroLogix Controllers >>

View this 45-minute educational webinar, presented by Nick Shea, project engineer with DMC Inc., where you'll get an independent analysis of the technology and benefits of these two popular controller platforms. Mr. Shea's analysis includes a comparison of three key areas: (1) the way the machines manage data memory, (2) the organization of programming routines, and (3) the controllers' connectivity to other devices.

Velaro High-Speed Train Touring Florida >>

Siemens and its consortium of partners is promoting the world's fastest and most successful high-speed train on a multi-city tour throughout Florida. Florida is about to make U.S. transportation history as the first state to create a high-speed rail network with trains connecting some of its metropolitan areas at speeds of up to 220 mph. View a short video that reveals a bold vision of high-speed rail travel within Florida and the U.S. Once you've viewed the video, check out the Velaro and other information on Siemens and High Speed Rail at

Introducing the ‘ALL THINGS PROFINET’ Web Site>>

A new web site dedicated to PROFINET has been launched. The site is designed specifically as a single entry point for prospective users and developers of PROFINET products and systems.

Complimentary Online Skill Building Courses>>

Looking for ways to jump-start your industrial skills training? Siemens offers seven free online automation skill building courses with real interactive programs. These Self-Study, courses include PLCs for Beginners, S7 PROFIBUS, S7 ETHERNET, and more.

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>> Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

Automation Survey>>

We want to hear from you! Let us know what issues need attention for automation professionals. Complete the survey and be entered into a drawing for a 32GB iPod touch™.

Understanding Arc Safety Can Save Lives

Arcs are a too-common by-product of working with live equipment. They have the potential to kill, but workers can be protected.

Arc faults have been creating damage for more than a century, but interest in preventing injury caused by arc explosions in high voltage environments is on the rise. OSHA is getting stricter about enforcement, and awareness of the potential danger is growing.

In 2007, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration adopted NFPA 70E-2000 into the Regulations (Standards 29CFR) under Part 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Subpart S, a document developed by the National Fire Protection Association. In 2007 the standard, NFPA-70E was put on a three year revision cylcle with 2009 being the latest revision. A central part of that 98-page book addresses arc faults and arc blast safety... Read more

The Five Easy Pieces of Network Installation

Breaking network installation into segments makes the job easier to manage

Setting up an industrial network and getting it running is one of the most critical aspects of modern factories. But this complex task can be easier to manage when it's broken down into manageable tasks.

In most applications, the job can be segmented using the five steps common to many industrial projects. Design is the first, and it's generally the most time-consuming since it sets the stage for those that follow... Read more

RFID Moves into Higher Gear

Move to UHF brings benefits, but has many challenges

The RFID technology that's made solid inroads into industrial applications in recent years may undergo a significant change over the next few years. UHF technologies that are being used in the supply chain by groups as diverse as Wal Mart and the Dept. of Defense may be moving into the factory.

High frequency RF tags have gained acceptance in automation systems based on their technical benefits. HF tags work better than UHF tags in environments where there's spray or other usage of water. Their performance around metal is also more predictable, so there's a higher chance that HF systems will perform flawlessly over time. Add in larger data capacity, and HF seems a logical winner in factories... Read more

Product News

New Fail-safe CPUs for both Large (S7-400) and Distributed (ET200) Controller Classes

Safety and reliability are two of the leading requirements in today's factories. The Siemens Industry Automation Division is unveiling a pair of fail-safe CPUs for a range of applications in manufacturing facilities.... Read more

More Performance and Expanded Functions for Mid-range and High-range Controllers

The Siemens Industry Automation Division has innovated and expanded its portfolio of mid-range (S7-300) and high-range (S7-400) SIMATIC controllers, adding new functionality and increasing performance. The recently innovated hardware/firmware in these controller lines is version 3.x for the S7- 300 controllers and 6.x for the S7- 400 controllers. ... Read more

SIRIUS Innovations: Efficient. Flexible. Connected.

The SIRIUS Innovations line of power control products incorporates sustainable elements resulting in efficient space and simplified assembly for labor savings while reducing power consumption to give you maximum control over your energy management system... Read more


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