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SPONSORED BY Siemens March 7, 2011

Live Webinar: Functional Safety: Importance. Compliance. Benefits.>>

Integrating components into new machines or currently operating equipment presents challenges for machine builders, system integrators, as well as end users. Speeding up the component integration process—whether hardware or software based—would help to reduce time to market, increase safety margins, and decrease downtime. Join us for a 45-minute presentation on March 30th when Thomas Maier and Kevin Connelly of UL will define functional safety, explain why it is important, discuss functional safety standards and how to comply. These industry experts will provide an overview of testing and certification programs available from UL, as well as the benefits associated with a new UL functional safety mark.

On Demand Webinar: An Unbiased Comparison of Siemens Safety vs. AB Safety>>

View this webinar presented by Tim Gidcumb of Advanced Engineering where he provides an unbiased look at the differences between Siemens Safety and Allen-Bradley's Safety systems. Tim starts off by discussing why safety is an important issue for designers and users of nearly all industrial automation equipment. He procedes to explain why it is critical to understand what options are available so safety systems can be implemented effectively within budgetary constraints.

White Paper: An engineer's guide to Ethernet>>

This white paper covers the basics for using Ethernet on the plant floor. Topics include: Benefits of Ethernet, How Ethernet Works, Wired and Wireless Devices on Ethernet, Environment, Implementation, Fault Tolerance, Topology, Protocol Enhancements, Monitoring, Dispelling Industrial Ethernet Myths, and more...

ARC White Paper: Modern Engineering Tools Drive Productivity in Manufacturing >>

Download this white paper to learn how automation users are dealing with new challenges by investing in new technologies and skills to gain a competitive advantage and make inroads into new markets. They are finding that in today's technologically-mature markets, software enables them to achieve the highest gains. Read this16-page report that looks at business drivers for manufacturers, the evolution and vision of engineering tools, and how the TIA Portal integrates engineering tools to make substantial gains in efficiency and productivity.

Complimentary Online Skill Building Courses>>

Looking for ways to jump-start your industrial skills training? Siemens offers seven free online automation skill building courses with real interactive programs. These Self-Study, courses include PLCs for Beginners, S7 PROFIBUS, S7 ETHERNET, and more.

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

Automation Survey>>

We want to hear from you! Let us know what issues need attention for automation professionals. Complete the survey and be entered into a drawing for a 8GB iPod touch™.

Extreme Manufacturing Makeover: Motor Plant Upgrades Without Halting Production

Benefits of $35 million project include a 90% energy reduction, reduced inventory, streamlined operation, and direct HMI control. Redesigned workflow was key to upgrading without stopping production.

Retrofits can keep a manufacturing plant up to date regardless of its age. A recent four-year makeover converted a manufacturing plant that opened in 1897 into a state-of-the-art facility.

A $35 million expansion project was the latest of many for a vintage manufacturing facility in Norwood, Ohio. It's undergone many changes and survived wars and economic collapses in the decades since George Bullock laid the cornerstone for the Bullock Electric Manufacturing Co. back when Grover Cleveland was president... Read more

Boosting Food Safety Through a Strategic Plan Leveraging Automation

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), RFID and 2D bar codes can work with plant floor control systems for hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP).

The impact of food and drink recalls in the U.S. is huge, both for those who ingest contaminated products and for the companies that make them. The number of food and beverage recalls more than doubled from 2006 to 2008, soaring from 240 to 565.

The impact of these recalls is enormous. Millions of Americans get sick from contaminated food or drinks every year. More than 300,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 of them die, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Controls.

The impact on corporations is potentially devastating. The average recall costs $10 million, some cost as much as $100 million, delivering a significant blow to the company's income... Read more

Case study: Circuit Board Maker Upgrades Five Machine Controls over a Holiday Weekend

Gorilla Circuits outgrows 13-year-old “black box” controllers, installs state-of-the-art controllers that it can support in-house. Integrator re-writes software vs. translating code line by line.

As Gorilla Circuits Inc. built its printed circuit board fabrication business over the past four decades, it acquired production equipment from a number of suppliers. When control systems purchased in 1998 started to suffer from reliability and lack of support, the company decided to upgrade its hardware.

Downtime is never an appealing portion of upgrades, and it's particularly loathsome in the highly competitive circuit board market. That's why Gorilla decided to use a four-day holiday weekend to upgrade five etching machines in its 60,000 square foot facility in San Jose, California... Read more

Video Tutorial: Siemens SIMATIC Diagnostics Saves Maintenance and Troubleshooting Costs

Traditional automation system diagnostics often don't provide enough information for fast and easy maintenance

Learn how Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) can eliminate time consuming and costly maintenance through improved diagnostics on your automation system. This graphical animation video will highlight several advantages for reducing time and cost when configuring SIMATIC diagnostics during the design of an automation system and how improved diagnostics enables quicker maintenance... View now

Product News

New Operator Panels Offer High Resolution and Widescreen

The latest Simatic HMI operator panels offer high performance and integrated functionality for demanding visualization tasks. The new Simatic HMI Comfort Panels are designed with high resolution displays allowing maximum area for full-color graphic objects... Read more

WinCC SCADA Update Allows Client Virtualization

Service Pack 2 update for Simatic WinCC SCADA Version 7 expands the functionality with client virtualization support using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi. Client virtualization provides customer benefits in faster SCADA station installation time and reduction in hardware cost through use of Thin Client terminals... Read more

New SIPLUS Extreme Controls Block Dust, Moisture Out

Siemens Industry Automation Division has considerably expanded the range of applications of its ruggedized SIPLUS extreme control and communication products. The devices are now also certified for use in toxic atmospheres according to ISA-S71.04 GX, which addresses airborne contaminants... Read more


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