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SPONSORED BY Siemens JULY 6, 2011

Live Webinar: Industrial ID: Is Your Competition Gaining an Advantage?>>

Join us for this 45-minute educational webinar to learn how the latest advancements in Industrial ID technologies are being successfully applied across a multitude of industrial applications to improve real-time visibility, increase data accuracy, and maximize manufacturing processes. Applications reviewed will include: aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage, semiconductor, solar, and more.

On Demand Webinar: Wireless Technologies and the Impact on Machine Safety>>

View this 45-minute educational webinar, presented by Rolf Bienert, Technical Manager with TUV Rheinland, and learn how wireless technologies will influence functional- and machinery-specific safety requirements, as well as the benefits that will result to give your company a competitive advantage.

White Paper: Introduction to the Practical Application of RFID>>

Download this white paper and learn about a proven systematic procedure for the practical application of RFID

White Paper: The Practical Benefits of Machine-mount Automation>>

Learn how machine-mount automation components enable machine and robot modularization and shorten design, build, debug and commissioning times; increase machine reliability, and improve machine operation.

When Worlds Collide: Bringing IT and Engineering Together>>

Take a look at this brief, entertaining video depicting a clandestine meeting between IT and engineering who need to work together to solve plantwide networking issues. Featured on YouTube.

Complimentary Online Skill Building Courses>>

Looking for ways to jump-start your industrial skills training? Siemens offers seven free online automation skill building courses with real interactive programs. These Self-Study, courses include PLCs for Beginners, S7 PROFIBUS, S7 ETHERNET, and more.

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

How Increasing Safety Standards Actually Reduces Operating Cost

In a challenge to conventional wisdom that increasing safety adds cost, new research and evidence reveals the opposite.

Companies that implement safety functions, perform functional safety evaluations, and implement safety in manufacturing processes are finding benefits where few expected to—on the bottom line. Where companies once saw up-front costs, downstream revenues are being tallied.

According to recent research conducted by Aberdeen Group, best-in-class manufacturers were able to effectively manage safety incidents by realizing a 0.05 injury frequency rate while performing at a 90 percent overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). These manufacturers were also able to achieve a 2 percent unscheduled asset downtime rate while their peers experienced a 14 percent rate. Such advantages ultimately accrue to the bottom line... Read more

Benefits and Latest Advances of 2D Bar Codes for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers

An explanation of how 2D bar codes can benefit tracking and tracing of consumer packaged goods throughout the supply chain, including a quick overview of recent advances that simplify integration and operation of 2D bar code readers.

Data matrix codes bring manufacturers plenty of benefits without adding a lot of cost or complexity to manufacturing lines. These 2D codes can help marketers create a range of variants such as regional packages and holiday specials, while also providing detailed tracking information that can aid in recalling isolated products or packages that must be recalled or speed responses when problems arise.

Data matrix codes have been used in automotive and aerospace manufacturing for years, but they've only recently begun seeing use in packaging and other areas where there's a need to store lots of information in a small space. The benefits are so significant that some analysts say companies may fall behind if they aren't using these codes for data tracking.

The symbols can be printed on the components of a product, providing serial numbers that track them throughout their entire lifetime. That can be extremely important if recalls arise... Read more

Extreme Manufacturing Makeover: Latex Mattress Manufacturer Automates from Scratch

After a devastating fire, Latex International built a new manufacturing operation from the ground up. The automation strategy, including totally networked processes with SCADA, enabled much higher throughput with 20% less floor space and 37% fewer employees. Part of an occasional series.

The morning of May 15, 2001 caused more than a few sleepless nights for the executives and workers of Shelton, Conn.-based Latex International (LI), which is somewhat ironic as the company is in the business of providing restful sleep to thousands of people who curl up with the company's high end latex pillows and mattresses in North America and Europe each night.

May 15th, a Tuesday, was the day that fire destroyed the company's only manufacturing plant, wiping out its inventory, its equipment and its records, essentially sending the company back to the drawing board.

That was a bad day, recalls Bob Maciejko, who, like 240 other LI employees didn't know how the company would respond to the setback. It was the middle of the dot-com bust and the spectre of unemployment loomed large over the shoulders of everyone... Read more

Video Tutorial: Siemens Machine Safety Reduces Integration Costs

Traditional machine safety system upgrades can be costly and time consuming.

Learn how Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) can eliminate high integration costs and engineering time on your next machine safety upgrade. This graphical animation video will highlight several techniques for reducing cost when integrating machine safety for a manufacturing or process control system... View now

Product News

SIMATIC Rack IPC Doubles Speed and Improves Graphics

The SIMATIC IPC547D addresses applications that need a lot of computing capabilities, offering twice as much computing performance and three to five times the graphics performance of its predecessor... Read more

Code Readers Offer Versatility, Speed

The rugged Simatic MV440 code-reading systems, which feature high protection rating IP67, read data matrix codes such as direct part marks (DPMs) under difficult ambient conditions in industrial environments.... Read more

HMI is Small yet Powerful

An HMI Panel from Siemens Industry Automation Division can replace both a panel or text display and an alarm indicator, yet it is small enough to squeeze into very limited space conditions... Read more


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