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August 16, 2011


Extruded Cables vs. Molded Cables

Check out the head to head competition as we compare the molding method of manufacturing silicone flat cables versus the extrusion method. How many ways does Cicoilís extrusion method provide a superior cable? Find out here.



Unsurpassed Quality & Performance Unsurpassed Quality & Performance

Maybe your cable requirements arenít quite as critical as those of the new Joint Strike Fighter, yet itís great knowing that the quality and performance that makes Cicoil silicone-jacketed flat cables a favorite in aerospace circles is inherent in all the cables we manufacture. Learn more about the quality of these extraordinary capabilities.



Flexible and Versatile Flat Cables

Flexibility and flat profile make Cicoil Motion Series cables the undisputed champion of motion control applications. Customizable to include a wide variety of power, signal, and fiber optic conductors, plus liquid and air tubing.



Custom Assemblies a Specialty

From motion control, medical devices, robotics, aerospace and military application, Cicoil is an award-winning supplier of sophisticated cable assemblies with an unsurpassed record of quality. Every assembly is tested before delivery. Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified, including the strict AS 9100 aerospace standard.



Wet & Wild: Water and Moisture Proof

Siliconeís water-repellent characteristics make our cables immune to immersion, high humidity, fungus, and damp operating environments. Ideal for washdown, autoclave, and other wet applications.



Packaging the Perfect Motion Solution


Packaging and labeling, especially in the food industry, is a fast-paced and constantly changing landscape. Amid the cluttered shelves in grocery and convenience stores, manufacturers vie to attract consumersí eyes to their products. That means using increasingly decorative and highly graphic labels and innovative packaging shapes. Whether itís a printing press machine or a packaging and filling machine, motion control suppliers have just what it takes to create the right solution.

Around Design World

Building Better Machines: PACK EXPO 2011

Kollmorgen will be on hand to discuss its family of motion systems and components, and co-engineering services at the Converting & Package Printing Expo Pavilion co-located with PACK EXPO from September 26 Ė 28, 2011, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

4mm Linear Servomotor Replaces Piezo Motors

Nippon Pulse America introduces their smallest linear servomotor, the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor. The 4mm shaft diameter, a small forcer size (10mm x 10mm), a total weight of 9 grams, and strokes as long as 40mm make the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor a suitable replacement in piezo type applications.

Mechanical Motion Solutions Brochure from Thomson

The Thomson Mechanical Motion Solutions brochure provides an overview of key product features and specifications for the companyís complete family of mechanical and electromechanical motion solutions.

Zero-Max CDģ Couplings for Demanding Applications

Zero-Max Composite Disc (CDģ) Shaft Couplings combine high performance materials, design features and precision to withstand the rigors of demanding servomotor systems.

Inverter Drive Mounts Directly to Motor

Lenze Americas's new compact 8400 motec inverter drive is equipped for all drive functions and scaled to deliver energy efficiency in material handling applications.



What a nanometer looks like

Demonstration of an extremely high resolution sensor to detect minute movements of conductive material


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