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SPONSORED BY Siemens February 1, 2010

Live Webinar: Plant Wide Networking - What You Need to Know and How You Do it?>>

Migrating to Ethernet networks to gain greater connectivity of all control systems can pose real challenges. The benefits, however, can be substantial. Join us for this 45-minute educational webinar where we'll explore the most common architectures for the plant floor, reveal current networking trends, and examine the benefits of plant wide networking, such as the availability of plant wide diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting and downtime costs.

On Demand Webinar: U.S. Machine Safety Impacted by European Standards >>

This recorded 45-minute educational webinar discusses safety standards and the impact of European Standards on U.S. machine safety. The presenter is functional safety expert JB Titus, an industry consultant with 30 years of experience in machine safety technology and solutions. Mr. Titus currently serves as Chairman, Safety PLC Committee, NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

White Paper: An engineer's guide to Ethernet>>

This white paper covers the basics for using Ethernet on the plant floor. Topics include: Benefits of Ethernet, How Ethernet Works, Wired and Wireless Devices on Ethernet, Environment, Implementation, Fault Tolerance, Topology, Protocol Enhancements, Monitoring, Dispelling Industrial Ethernet Myths, and more ...

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

Online Tool for Machine-Safety Calculation>>

Machine builders and operators can use this free online tool to calculate the safety of their machines in accordance with the new standards EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, providing evidence of compliance with the new machine directive.

Automation Survey>>

We want to hear from you! Let us know what issues need attention for automation professionals. Complete the survey and be entered into a drawing for a 32GB iPod touch™. You're a winner! Congratulations to last month's winner, Woody Bachman of EastCoast Mouldings.

The Vault >>

Open the Vault and gain free access to a wealth of information and resources featured in past TIA newsletters. You can also link to archived issues to read at your convenience.


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Pepsi Bottling Reaps Immediate Benefits from Optimized Packaging Plant (OPP)

Optimized Packaging Plant brings Pepsi Bottling Group immediate improvements in training, diagnostics, maintenance and productivity.

Siemens technology is helping Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) increase quality and reliability in its operations delivering a high degree of manufacturing flexibility. A great example is the South Moscow plant—a state-of-the-art greenfield facility which started producing Lipton teas in June 2009. Here, Siemens and PBG worked together to conceptualize and execute an Optimized Packaging Plant (OPP) that has brought immediate improvements in training, diagnostics, maintenance and productivity.

Pepsi Bottling Group prides itself on its clear vision and commitment to operational excellence. With annual sales of $14 billion globally, PBG's operations extend beyond the United States to Mexico, Canada, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Russia. In 2008, its international footprint represented 72 percent of PBG's total growth... Read more

Tips for a Successful Plantwide Network Deployment

It wasn't that long ago that industrial operations like factories had at least two separate networks and most often many more than that.

Not only were these networks disparate entities that did not share information, they were most often completely different proprietary technologies. The office systems ran on Ethernet while the plant floor ran on numerous altogether different and incompatible technologies, like PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

It is no secret that this situation is changing rapidly. Many companies have already adopted Industrial Ethernet networks in the production space, unifying their architecture and enabling plantwide networking—which is the foundation for vertical integration, giving you a single, consolidated network infrastructure... Read more

The Changing Winds of Sustainable Manufacturing

Wind can play crucial role in driving energy efficiency and pricing stability while saving money in companies' sustainability plans.

Having some kind of environmental sustainability plan is rapidly transforming from a choice to an imperative. With dramatic pressure being heaped on manufacturers by customers, public opinion, business partners and regulators, it's really not will you go green, but when and how.

According to Dr. Stephen Stokes, vice president of business and climate change for AMR Research, sustainability is rapidly becoming a critical element in any manufacturer's business plan “especially when it is considered as a means for driving energy and emission efficiency”... Read more

Video Tutorials: SIMATIC Basic HMI Panels Explained

Selection and Application Guide video presentation for choosing a New SIMATIC Basic HMI Panel.

Learn what you need to know about selecting and applying a SIMATIC Basic HMI panel on your next automation project. This 7 minute video presentation will quickly explain how these new HMI panels can improve your process or machine operation and provide cost saving benefits... View now

Product News

New Family of Scalance XB Gigabit Switches Reduce Downtime and TCO

Siemens Industry has expanded it's family of Ethernet switches with the Scalance XB Gigabit line of unmanaged switches, which, according to Raj Rajani, Siemens ethernet infrastructure marketing manager are “ideal for entry level applications”... Read more

Siemens Brightens the Plant Floor with New Pilot Devices

Siemens Industry has released a series of new and improved 30 mm Class 52 Pilot Devices that provide more control and flexibility on the plant floor. These new lighting modules, operators and lens can be ordered fully assembled or independently depending on customer requirements... Read more

New 1D/2D Code Reader from Siemens Delivers Speed and Reliability

The new compact MV420 Code Reader is another step in Industrial Identification, and part of Siemens Totally Integrated Automation Platform. 1D/2D Code Reading Systems have quickly become a must-have technology for state of the art production systems in a number of industries.... Read more

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