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SPONSORED BY Siemens October 4, 2010

On Demand Webinar: New Requirements in Arc Flash and Arc Blast Safety>>

In 2009, NFPA published a major update to the NFPA 70E electrical safety code. Understanding this revised standard is critical to implementing safe-related work practices, maintenance, special equipment requirements and installation—key elements to ensure worker safety in your facility. View this 45 minute educational webinar to learn about these new requirements and to find out what safety measures are required for your staff, contractors and visitors.

On Demand Webinar: Plant Wide Networking - What You Need to Know and How You Do it?>>

This recorded 45-minute educational webinar discusses the key issues surrounding plant wide networking. Topics include: network ownership, segmentation of the network, IT concerns, engineering concerns, network architecture and design, fault tolerant networks, scalability of the network design, network management and plant wide diagnostics.

White Paper: An engineer's guide to Ethernet>>

This white paper covers the basics for using Ethernet on the plant floor. Topics include: Benefits of Ethernet, How Ethernet Works, Wired and Wireless Devices on Ethernet, Environment, Implementation, Fault Tolerance, Topology, Protocol Enhancements, Monitoring, Dispelling Industrial Ethernet Myths, and more...

Introducing the ‘ALL THINGS PROFINET’ Web Site>>

A new web site dedicated to PROFINET has been launched. The site is designed specifically as a single entry point for prospective users and developers of PROFINET products and systems.

Case Study: Siemens and Pepsi Bottling Group develop optimized packaging plant>>

Siemens technology is helping Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) increase quality and reliability in its operations delivering a high degree of manufacturing flexibility. Siemens and PBG worked together to conceptualize and execute an Optimized Packaging Plant (OPP) that has brought immediate improvements in training, diagnostics, maintenance and productivity.

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

TechToberFest 2010>>

Join Applied Controls on Thursday, October 7th at their Malvern PA location for their annual TechToberFest, a unique blend of an automation trade show and Oktoberfest celebration. Also see on exibit Siemens OCC All Electric Chopper!

Realizing the Potential of Automation Integration

Integrating control systems used to be an ongoing exercise in jury-rigging bridges between islands of automation.

Different processes would have disparate controllers, often with disparate control logic packages leading to a near endless state of troubleshooting and massaging systems so they would get along. Every time you added a new system or piece of equipment you would have to revisit your integration efforts to make sure you hadn't compromised something.

“Even today, where we have access to fully networked systems and many vendors supply an end-to-end factory solution, lots and lots of industrial operations are actually a mishmash of different systems from different vendors using a variety of applications that are forced to work together,” says Eric Kaczor, a marketing manager with Siemens Industry... Read more

Building a Cyber Secure Plant

Despite what many automation professionals believe, the Stuxnet malware attacks on Siemens Simatic WinCC SCADA and PCS7 DCS systems that came to light this past July were not the first time industrial control systems have been targeted by hackers.

A quick scan through the RISI database (Repository of Industrial Security Incidents) turns up several such attacks that have not garnered the same kind of attention earned by Stuxnet.

For example, with Venezuela devastated by a politically motivated general strike that lasted three months during the winter of 2002/2003, numerous acts of sabotage targeted the SCADA system responsible for loading oil tankers at a major marine terminal. In one such attack, PLC code was erased, causing an eight hour delay loading tankers. The lack of profile earned by incidents like this one isn't surprising, says Eric Byers, security expert and CTO of Byres Security. People who have been hacked don't exactly like to talk about it. After all, why would you want to give hackers more information than they already have?

... Read more

IP Ratings—What Are They And What Do They Mean?

Electrical cabinets are one of those ubiquitous elements in industrial environments.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in—whether it's discrete, process , utility, building and construction or even commercial retail—everything needs power. That means cables and relays carrying what may be a dangerous amount of electricity that need to be protected from the elements and environment on one side and people that need to be protected from accidental exposure on the other.

The consequences of such accidental exposure can be tragic. According to statistics collected and published by Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Inc., electrical accidents called arc flashes kill one or two people in the United States every day. Many more are injured and then there is the cost of damaged equipment and lost production to consider. Numerous standards have been devised to reduce the frequency of such accidents and make industrial environments as safe as possible. These standards govern every aspect of equipment and procedures used for managing electricity. For example, IEC 60529 classifies the level of protection provided against accidental contact with live electrical parts and the intrusion of solid objects (including tools and body parts like hands and fingers), dust, and water in electrical enclosures.

However, there is more to adhering to safety standards than including them as requirements in an RFP. You have to know what they mean so you can select the right equipment for the right task and enforce their use. And that can be a challenge as you have to understand what the different ratings mean and how they are applied in your particular environment. In the case of IEC 60529 the grading is called an IP rating... Read more

Product News

SIMATIC Field PG M3: The High Performance Industrial Notebook

Programming automation tasks such as configuration, commissioning, and service and maintenance has become a little easier now that Siemens Industry Inc. has released the SIMATIC Field PG M3 laptop computer... Read more

Safekick and Siemens Strategic Alliance

Siemens Industry and Houston, Texas-based oil and gas specialist Safekick Americas have joined forces to develop a new well control system that will automatically control the choke manifold of an oil/gas well by measuring the flow and pressure of the fluid on strategic points and for influx and loss detection... Read more

M200D Motor Starters Improve Control, Responsiveness and Flexibility

Starting and stopping production is usually a much more complex process than most people think, says John Burns, a spokesperson for Siemens Industry. Moreover, starting again, once you stopped is a tremendously big deal... Read more


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