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SPONSORED BY Siemens September 8, 2010

Live Webinar: An Unbiased Comparison of the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 and AB (Allen-Bradley) MicroLogix Controller>>

Join this 45-minute educational webinar, presented by Nick Shea, project engineer with DMC Inc., where you'll get an independent analysis of the technology and benefits of these two popular controller platforms. Included in Mr. Shea's analysis will be a comparison of three aspects: (1) the way the machines manage data memory; (2) the organization of programming routines; and (3) the controllers' connectivity to other devices.

On Demand Webinar: Understand How the “New” Machinery Directive Impacts Your EU Exports >>

View this 45-minute educational webinar where Udo Heinz of TUV Rheinland of North America discusses the significant updates of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the cornerstone of equipment safety for Europe, which became mandatory on December 29, 2009. Mr. Heinz will provide critical interpretations of key elements of this new directive and how they directly impact your machinery exports.

White Paper: An Engineer's Guide to Ethernet>>

This white paper covers the basics for using Ethernet on the plant floor. Topics include: Benefits of Ethernet, How Ethernet Works, Wired and Wireless Devices on Ethernet, Environment, Implementation, Fault Tolerance, Topology, Protocol Enhancements, Monitoring, Dispelling Industrial Ethernet Myths, and more...

Complimentary Online Electrical Training Courses>>

quickSTEPs are a great start for industry novices to enhance electrical skills in the areas of Controls, Automation, Power Distribution and even a “Basics of PLCs” course.

White Paper: Siemens Electrical Products and Solutions Contributing Toward Satisfying Credits Under LEED®>>

Learn how to improve the overall efficiency of your electrical system and gain tools for the measurement and verification of the reduced energy use that help contribute to the overall LEED points value.

Safety Innovation Tour: Self-paced CD>>

Unable to attend the Safety Innovation Tour? Attended and now want to share the content with co-workers? Order your copy today and receive a self-paced CD with expert training videos and flash animation of the actual demonstration.

Online Tool for Machine-Safety Calculation >>

Machine builders and operators can use this free online tool to calculate the safety of their machines in accordance with the new standards EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, providing evidence of compliance with the new machine directive.

Analyzing Competing Controller Platforms

Webinar will examine Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 and Allen Bradley MicroLogix platforms.

Electronic system architectures provide different benefits, giving customers alternatives that suit their requirements. Getting an independent analysis of the benefits can help potential buyers determine what the tradeoffs mean to them, but finding third party analysis of industrial systems is sometimes difficult.

An upcoming webinar, An Unbiased Comparison of the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 and AB (Allen-Bradley) MicroLogix, focuses on the technology behind these two popular controller platforms. Nick Shea, project engineer for DMC Inc., an engineering and software company based in Chicago, IL, will provide details based on his extensive work with several installations... Read more

New Tools Help Reduce Energy Consumption

The benefits can be significant when meters, software and other equipment are employed to trim power consumption—both on and off the plant floor.

The potential for steadily rising energy prices, coupled with a desire to go green by trimming usage and emissions, is shining the spotlight on energy management. Industrial users are finding they can gain significant benefits by closely monitoring equipment usage and performing simple tasks such as powering down machines when they're not needed.

At a societal level, facilities that consume less energy take pressure off utility companies so they can meet peak demand without building new power plants. That's important as more companies and legislators call for smaller carbon footprints. At the same time, facilities that trim power consumption can also help their bottom line when they reduce their utility bills.

In some cases, there's even the opportunity to make money. Brown University recently employed Siemens WinPM.Net software to employ its backup generators to do peak demand saving... Read more

Safeguarding Wireless Communications

Protecting wireless nets isn't difficult, but it takes additional security steps.

Over the past few years, wireless communication systems have proven they can be reliable in harsh industrial environments, sparking solid growth. This popularity has unfortunately attracted the attention of hackers and other intruders, bringing the issue of wireless security to the forefront.

There are many reasons to add wireless to a facility's networking scheme. One of the most important is the low cost of installation, particularly for the majority who use a variation of IEEE 802.11, commonly called Wi-Fi. Routing cables is a pricey undertaking, one that can cause significant disruption.

With wireless communications, nodes can be located almost anywhere without concern for where wires may run. Another benefit is that users can quickly set up temporary nodes when they need to closely monitor a specific machine, for example... Read more

Video Tutorial: Machine Safety Demonstration

Part 3 - Technology Walk-thru of the Siemens Safety Innovation Tour Demo

Learn how Siemens Safety Integrated systems can eliminate maintenance and troubleshooting problems often encountered in traditional hardwired machine safety systems. This is part 3 of a multipart series taped live at our Safety Innovation Tour showcasing time and cost saving benefits when implementing Siemens Safety Integrated systems. Full self-paced CD available upon request with complete video series and flash animation safety demonstrations... View now

Product News

Ruggedized Controllers Enhance Reliability

The Siemens SIPLUS Extreme line can survive in severe conditions, providing high reliability at low costs. SIPLUS Extreme products are standard Siemens product enhanced with additional protection against extended temperature ranges and aggressive atmospheres... Read more

Meters Help Trim Power Bills

The meters can analyze energy consumption per shift, day, week or even by batch, making it easy to create an action plan that will drive the cost spent per product. They are equipped with output capabilities as well that can be used with alarming functions to initiate energy controls or demand responses automatically based on customizable values... Read more

Terminal Blocks Reliably Deliver Power

The 8WH6 In-Push-Out (iPo) Terminal Blocks from Siemens Industry Automation meet these requirements, providing reliable contacts for a wide range of systems. The plug terminal connection family comes with 5.2 mm terminal spacings mounted on standard 35 mm railings... Read more

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